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The 7th annual New England Runner Sled Championship will be held February 23rd, 2013 on Hogback Mountain in Montville, Maine.

The title at stake is: “Fastest Runner Sledder in all the Land”

In order to vie for that title, you must qualify as one of the top 16 racers on Time Trials Day – February 16th.

There is no pre-registration for this. Please arrive at the base of Hogback Mountain on Bragdon Rd, Montville by 8:30 a.m.  if you want to vie for the title.

Everyone who shows up will be allowed to compete. You should bring your own sled, but generally people will loan their backup sleds out.

Time Trials format:

Each racer gets two timed heats on the Race Day course. A racer’s fastest heat is his/her score. Lowest 16 scores advance to compete on Race Day.

Race Day Format:

Championship racing begins at 9am on Race Day Course. Racers need to arrive by 8:30 am.

First round and second round are single elimination, head-to-head tournament style rounds, with the top seed racing against the 16th seed, the 2nd seed vs. the 15th seed and so on.

After two rounds, the field will be narrowed to four finalists.

The final four racers square off in a pool round, where each racer goes head-to-head against each of the other three racers. The racer with the best pool record is the champion. Ties will be decided by more head to head racing. In the event of a three-way tie, the racers may decide by consensus to hold a three-way head-to-head-to-head race for the title. If there is no consensus, the racers continue to race head-to-head until a champion emerges.

There is no chairlift or snowmobile ride to the top.

Shine your Runners!

3 thoughts on “Racer Info”

  1. do we have enough snow for sleding? I cant wait to get on hogback for some good sliding! see you there.


    1. Hi David-
      Forecast calls for temps in the 20’s Friday night, so even if it does rain a little bit, the time trials will go on.
      That said, it is going to be fast, and dangerous.
      See you Saturday!


  2. Hey Nick, you should put a bbs page on here where people could post sleds for sale or wanted. See you Saturday.


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