Well, we got snow! Races are ON!

After a good solid blizzard, things are looking good for the 2013 Runner Sled time trials on Saturday.

The trail got hit with a nice dumping over the weekend and the groomer hit it this morning. We’re good to go!

Schedule for Time Trials weekend is as follows:
Note: The only way to qualify for Race Day is to earn a top-16 spot on Time Trials Day

Time Trials take place at: the end of the Bragdon Rd in Montville, ME (on the backside of Hogback Mountain). Meet there at 8:30.
Bring a runner sled and check out this page for more info.


We need SNOW!

Hi folks.

As you all know, there hasn’t been much snow in the past 6 weeks.

If some doesn’t fall soon, the 2013 New England Runner Sled Championship may have to be cancelled.

This isn’t ideal, but right now there is not a speck of white stuff on the backside of Hogback.

Stay tuned and pray for snow.

2012 New England Runner Sled Championship Bracket

The title of “Fastest Runner Sledder in all the Land” will belong to one of these racers when the ice dust settles on February 25, 2012 on the backside of Hogback Mountain.

Everyone is invited to come and cheer on your favorite racer, try out the course for yourself and just generally hang out in the Waldo County winter.

Entry is free! Map to the races HERE

Announcing the 16 Qualifiers for Race Day

1 ~ GW Martin ~ 33.24
2 ~ Brian Trahan II ~ 35.13
3 ~ Scott Kady ~ 36.63
4 ~ Trevor McAvey ~ 36.82
5 ~ Clarence Lawrence ~ 37.1
6 ~ Derek McKenney ~ 37.61
7 ~ Kenneth Young ~ 37.88
8 ~ Kerry Merrifield ~ 38.7
9 ~ Jake Holmes ~ 38.73
10 ~ Dave Yoder ~ 39.15
11 ~ Mike Glenn ~ 40.23
12 ~ Tony Hustus ~ 40.43
13 ~ Dan Williams ~ 43.35
14 ~ Dylan Turner ~ 43.45
15 ~ Rick Miles ~ 43.45
16 ~ Marston Leff ~ 43.85

Update: Wednesday February 15, 2012

As of 3pm, on February 2012, report from backside on the mountain is:
“Fast and Dangerous”

Time trials are ON!

IMPORTANT: Please bring a jersey from a past year (or any white tank top). There will be a few extras but no new ones for this year. Thanks.