Bracket for 2013 New England Runner Sled Championship


Race Day Format:

Championship racing begins at 9am on Race Day Course. Racers need to arrive by 8:30 am and check-in with the race director.

First round and second round are single elimination, head-to-head tournament style rounds, with the top seed racing against the 16th seed, the 2nd seed vs. the 15th seed and so on.

After two rounds, the field will be narrowed to four finalists.

The final four racers square off in a pool round, where each racer goes head-to-head against each of the other three racers. The racer with the best pool record is the champion. Ties will be decided by more head to head racing. In the event of a three-way tie, the racers may decide by consensus to hold a three-way head-to-head-to-head race for the title. If there is no consensus, the racers continue to race head-to-head until a champion emerges.

Should one of the top-16 racers be unable to make it on Race Day, the highest scoring alternate from the list below will take his/her place into the top 16. The alternate must be present and have checked in with the race director. If an alternate is used, the field will shift up so the alternate is the new 16 seed.

Alternates* (for a full list of Time Trials times, click here)
17    Tim Turner    40.66
18    Gary Capeheart    41.73
19    Ethan Brown    41.82
20    Lare Huber    42.51
21    Kyle Turner    42.55
22    Dan Williams    43.6
23    Bill Libby    43.73
24    Paul Gray    44.85
25    Bill Libby    44.91
26    Jake Holmes    45.23
27    Jeff Cucci    46.88
28    Andy Shultz    46.92
29    Dave Yoder    47.29
30    Rob Dwelley    47.42
31    Allen    48.23
32    Cal Polk    49.82
33    Jon King    100.69


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