Congratulations Brian Trahan!

Brian Trahan nipped GW Martin in the last race of the finals round to claim the 2012 title of Fastest Runner Sledder in All the Land. Congratulations Brian!

2 thoughts on “Congratulations Brian Trahan!”

  1. We runner Sled down a logging road in western Montana for about six miles when conditions are good. only have to walk one hundred yards in between. top and bottom.All of us would love to compete for the fastest sledder in all the land we sled every weekend all winter have seen around fifty sleds on the hill at one time.


  2. Hey Bernard, its great to hear theres another group out there who organizes a race on the old runner sleds. Im sure we’d all be more then glad to have a giant race sometime, but the distance between us is a def. problem. If any of you happen to be visiting out this way be sure and let us know, and if any of us happen to be out that way we’ll see if we could meet up somehow! Until then, Happy Sledding!!


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