Trail Report for Time Trials

With the recent warm weather and a forecast for a relatively clear, cold night, the trail will be prime for sliding during tomorrow’s Time Trials!

Shine your Runners Tonight Boys!

Top 16 Racers qualify for the Big Race on February 26th.

One thought on “Trail Report for Time Trials”

  1. From Europe I / we wish you all another great day!
    My brothers and me possess three flexible flyers. One from around 1917 (of my father) and two that I bought in the US in ’85 (not the real thing anymore).
    We grew up near the highest sand dune of the country: 51 meters (near Haarlem that is).
    We look forward to another good movie about the event. The snow roller is great!
    Good luck!

    Edward de Bock
    Leiden, the Netherlands


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