Trail Update

There has been rain over the past 24 hours, but don’t fret: the entire 850 foot trail has been covered in plastic. The drive in and “The Beach” will most likely be muddy on Saturday, so be prepared for that. Nevertheless, the show will go on!

5 thoughts on “Trail Update”

  1. wooo hooo… good to hear i was getting a little worried to be honest.. i’ll be there and ready to race!! let’s go boys


  2. Finals start at 1 p.m. The plan is to have open sliding before that (from 830 to 1230)! Other than that, schedule yourself a good time!

    See you there!


  3. hey there, my names brian trahan, i talked to you guys (no umbrella media) at the recent sledding event and i was looking over the page for a place to find some contact info, anyways, you guys are doing a great job and gw mentioned that he thought his email might be on here so i could send him a message to find out about some future events or anything like that, so i was wondering if you had his email? you can contact me at, thanks brian


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